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BREAKING FREE COMBO - Finding Meaning & Purpose


Two 1 hour Remote Energy Healing & Training transMISSIONS Combo

Solstice 2018
Finding Meaning & Purpose

Friday, 21st December 2018
5-5.55 PM (EST) - Karmic Collective Clearing Session
6-7PM (EST - Future Self Session

The objective of this transMISSION combo is to break free from collective karma and align our energy to the frequencies of our higher abilities in order to unfold our highest potential.
The combination of clearing and connecting guides us into the deeper part of our self-discovery and assists us in finding meaning & purpose in life through recognizing our ties to the collective unconscious.

Karmic Collective Clearing Session - Friday, 21st December 2018 5-5.55PM (EST)
transCODE: De-Coupling (by P.St.Clair)
This remote energy transMISSION is designed to support self-transformation and liberation from the collective matrix.

with Jona Bryndis

The Main aspects addressed in the Karmic Collective Clearing transmission are:

• Opening of Heart-Center; Expansion of 4th (Heart) Chakra and integration/connecting to True Self
• Harmonizing dualities within; Letting go of ego-attachments, oppositions, judgments, beliefs and pre-programmed (gender-specific) patterns
• De-Coupling from Collective Matrix; Clearing of attachments to Collective Karma and Collective Mind Field and stored pain memory
• Re-Activation of inner Freedom; Aligning to the Now

Future Self - Friday, 21st December 2018 @6-7 PM (EST)
transCODE: Trust in True Self
by/with Jona Bryndis

This guided remote energy transMISSION (as private or group session) is designed to support trust in our inner guidance and precognition. This advanced modality utilizes an energetic neuro-feedback modality aligning a person to the retrocausal nature of Self. Along with an anchoring process for alignment to True Self, it also scans and harmonizes all 14 energy fields of a person and thus forms etheric shielding while connecting with their future self.


• Unification of Chakras - Harmonizing all energy systems within
• Release of energetic past and future binds
• Increase of capacity to handle higher/vaster light frequencies
• Reprogramming Neuro-Feedback within
• Anchoring of Future Self

Instructions will be sent to you 18-12 hours prior to session.

The modalities shared in this transMISSION are complex and educational in nature as basic mechanisms of True Self and Energy Systems are included. We recommend participation in our ENERGETIC PERCEPTION INTENSIVE to prepare for this transMISSION, but it’s not mandatory.

If needed, persistent disharmonic aspects can then be further addressed in transCOACHING or Remote Energy Clearing Sessions.

No prerequisite is needed.

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