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By jona bryndis, Oct 28 2018 06:51PM

As a human collective, the rebirth of our liberated True Self is strongly related to willingness to allow our Feminine Energies to take their sovereign place in our spiritual journey. We cannot reach enlightenment without surrendering our mind, or being willing to let go of our ego.

However, in order to developed a new spiritual pathway to a more inclusive and less positionalized view on our inner higher power our collective understanding of creation binds us to our ego mind. It is based on exclusiveness and therefore promotes dualism in us. In order to demonstrate the limitation in our collective beliefs I picked the most predominant evolutionary concepts 'Nature' vs 'Nurture' to illuminate how the ancient gnostic creation story can help us to contextualize Creation and Evolution as one and the same.

Keep in mind that the significance of this particular mythology is not trying to highlight the Feminine over the Masculine, or to convince you of a different spiritual belief, but to show a new pathway to spiritual maturity without fear of punishment or externalization of our inner higher power.

By jona bryndis, Sep 23 2018 01:47AM

Collective Karma can be a bit difficult to understand - but if we want to learn ways to outvibrate the Global Shadow clearing that coming our way, we need to let go of our rigid opinions and beliefs. Try to understand the expression of our Human Collective Group Karma as our tendency to violence, terror, war, fear, pain, and survival aspects. The current global collape of cultural, racial, religious, economical and political power structures allows us to release our collective shadow, and therefore represents the inevitable healing task for us as collective.

What we are experiencing is the cleansing of karmic debt on a collective level - of humanity itself - as a result of incremental vibrational increase of consciousness since 2012. (Click on link to read more about collective energies and karma.)

In order to get through this predicted two year period of correctional collective clearing it is of utmost importance to understand the deeper meaning of having to go through geopolitical and planetary changes, and how they are linked to our personal struggles.

By jona bryndis, Aug 18 2018 10:53AM

In the midst of collective awakening many of us energetically sensitives or empaths experience the reignition of our deepest inner conflicts and orignal wounds. The purpose behind this phenomenon is so that our fragmented aspects can heal and contribute to shift our collective awareness.

One of the big collective subjects is the reconnection with healed and integrated Masculine energies. However, in order to address our deeper energetic dissonances the Divine Masculine Spirit within cannot be seen without the context of the Divine Feminine Spirit. Therefore when connecting and working with masculine energies it often leads to the illumination of our inner relationship between both our primal sources of energy.

From an energetic point of view, healing the inner and outer relationship with Masculine energies is equally important for both genders, but it is often surrounded by much confusion - especially for the spiritually awakened man.

While it seems politically correct to focus on connecting with the Divine Feminine, which is undoubtedly needed for inner and outer balance in this world, a distorted or unhealed inner connection with Divine Masculine energies cannot integrate Divine Feminine energies in the way needed for our global awakening process. Therefore, in order to fully unify and reinstate the inner balance of both archetypal energies, it is important for men and women likewise, to investigate their deeper connection with the Divine Masculine and inherited relationship with the Father Principle. It's time for all of us to learn a bit more about the Violated Masculine Spirit!

By jona bryndis, Jun 7 2018 10:10AM

Intense bands of collective emotionality and anxietyt, which we are experiencing right now can affect our personal field and make us fall back into our familiar/dysfunctiional patterns. As our overall manifestation abiliity and perception of energy awakens we are also becoming more aware of these influences - but also of the complexity of the interaction of our personal and human collective field. (please watch June 2018 Energy Forecast below).

So, while the forces of Light and Dark fight over the human soul, we all experience increased inner conflict and the need for change during these incoming Solstice Energiies.

By elecia, Dec 29 2017 07:00PM

Energy Report, Crypto News & Video Update With Energy Tips for

22nd-28th December 2017

WEEK 52 - Disruptive Energies - Window Of Opportunity Right Now!


By jona bryndis, Dec 17 2017 03:00AM

The Winter Solstice time marks the beginning of a new phase in our inner journey. Symbolized by the shortest days of the year in which the sun is reborn to bring new light to the collective we celebrate the renewal of sunlight throughout all cultures and religions. Energetically seen, it honors the Feminine Spirit and its vehicles (our planet, ourselves and all living things) giving birth to the Sun-Child – New Creation, regardless of our believes. (Here a very interesting and comprehensive article about the origins of our Solar Calendar, New Years & Winter Holidays by Milt Timmons).

For us as individuals the Winter Holidays find their profound spiritual meaning not through the superimposed consumerism at the end of the year, but through inner reflection and correction of the old and inviting the new to manifest itself – through receiving the gift of the Rebirth of our inner light.

By jona bryndis, Dec 25 2016 12:26AM

Energy Update 24th – 30th December 2016

For most of us last week was like an interdimensional call to remember our Soul's Integrity - and with it a recalibration to our true nature. While things were calm and actually enjoyable over the last weekend, the stronger the Solstice influence the stronger the need to 'do' something became. Agitation and perhaps the feeling of looming holiday stress reached us by the beginning of last week and are now heading to its peak. We are challenged by wanting to go into our old patterns and coping mechanism again...

Adding to this, current collective events, especially in Europe (which aren't always covered here) are indicating chaotic energies ahead of us. This leads to erratic thoughts/emotions and a general ungroundedness, which can trigger all our good intentions to go out the window. The only way to stay centered through this time now is to answer the call from our Soul to choose our heart and to not know exactly where we are standing!

But we can't make choices or know what our boundaries are if we are running around like chicken with its head cut off. However, the bigger danger is not the headlessness, but the heart-lessness! Feeling and breathing through our heart is the the only thing that can protect us - from our own and other people's erratic energies!

By jona bryndis, Dec 20 2016 10:37AM

The Winter Solstice time is a very symbolic and energetically rich time for reflection, letting go and allowing new energies to come into our lives. It marks the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of the light returning (more each day) to our world.

During this time that many hold sacred, it is a chance to let go of the old year and really allow our energy to connect deep within our hearts and allow that connection to not only come forward, but also ask it to guide us in the year to come as well as help us to reclaim all lost aspects of ourselves.

This process or reclamation allows us to not only bring back into us our lost parts, but also connects us to the power in these fragmented aspects, which usually brings about the potential for great change in our lives and our journey.

By jona bryndis, Jun 18 2016 09:10PM

Monday - Wednesday 20th - 22nd June 2016. Click here for sign-up info

This series of three 1 hour Remote Energy transMISSIONS is designed for those of you interested in the deeper active work of learning clearing techniques to work and adjust your energetic sensitivity. The Remote slef-clearing session series initiates self-healing and helps your energy body to adjust to current collective energies.

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